To Blog or Not to Blog…

I’ve found that long-form blogging just doesn’t appeal to me as much. I’ve always tended to use mine more as a documentation process (while working on a piece or traveling, for instance) than just to blog for blogging’s sake.

Besides, I’m beginning to wonder if long-form blogging as we’ve all known and loved it is going by the wayside in favor of quicker “text-bite” ways such as twitter or tumblr.

I know I’ve been finding it easier to use twitter to just bang out random thoughts and tumblr for random fun (not to mention the crazy conversations I’ve had). Hmm…I’ve been thinking of a creative use for this. I’ll need to marinate on it a bit more. Entertain yourself with my tumblr in the meantime. As an artist, I find how visual it is to be fun.

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