Walk Down the Path

I’ve been struggling with what to write in these posts, so I think that I am going to just go ahead and get personal with it. Let’s talk about perseverance.

This past year has been one of the hardest of my life. My husband needing a double lung transplant. Caregiving. Moving. Helping my son with autism transition through these changes. Feeling financially nervous (who doesn’t?). Finishing my thesis and graduating from grad school. A sick mom. Now needing to move yet again.

Yet, through it all I have been positive as an writer and now I’ve been recognized as a poet as well. Had a story come out in an anthology (Sycorax’s Daughters) and a poem published in Apex. And then there’s a project that I can’t even discuss yet. These are exciting, encouraging times for me right now. I see this momentum. I’m gonna walk right on down the path it’s taking me on. It might seem hokey, but writing has been my constant in the face of upheaval.

There have been times I have doubted my existence. There have been times that I wanted to close my eyes and just be done. We all have these moments of crisis when we are overwhelmed, when we are confused, scared, or want to give up. But that is just it. Please don’t.

The Ancestors are looking out for you. The Creator/Universal Energy that we are all a part of has a path for you to follow–and there is room along the way for your dreams. For writers and other creatives out there who are struggling: I know that it feels hard, but don’t give up.

Make it happen.

It will.

Until next time…

To Blog or Not to Blog…

I’ve found that long-form blogging just doesn’t appeal to me as much. I’ve always tended to use mine more as a documentation process (while working on a piece or traveling, for instance) than just to blog for blogging’s sake.

Besides, I’m beginning to wonder if long-form blogging as we’ve all known and loved it is going by the wayside in favor of quicker “text-bite” ways such as twitter or tumblr.

I know I’ve been finding it easier to use twitter to just bang out random thoughts and tumblr for random fun (not to mention the crazy conversations I’ve had). Hmm…I’ve been thinking of a creative use for this. I’ll need to marinate on it a bit more. Entertain yourself with my tumblr in the meantime. As an artist, I find how visual it is to be fun.