Up for a Breath

Heh. Anyone who writes or edits a lot will get that…

One thing about being in grad school is the huge lack of a life you voluntarily commit yourself to. It also means that everything creative kind of takes a back seat to “academic brain.” I am love, love, loving what I am learning, but it means switching off thinking about my fiction writing, poetry, and art. Essentially, anything that would take time away from my studies and research. Good thing is that summer break is a week away.

This means, I’ll be back. And in an effort to keep my mind from doing that atrophying thing that happens from too much vegging out, I’ll just switch gears to focusing on creative goals instead. A short story for an anthology submission. Putting together a short story collection. Revamping and revising a novel. Writing poetry again. I’m not Emily Dickinson…these stories and poems have got to get out of my computer and into the world! And let’s not forget ART! Think I’ve got time to squeeze in some classical guitar lessons? I’ve put it out there to the universe. Now to get crackin’! Need to keep this brain clicking!

Summer break here I come!

4 thoughts on “Up for a Breath

  1. Love the photo! tee hee. My husband doesn’t seem to be nearly as passionate about my Oxford comma use. I’m about to start Grad school myself. I hope I can still finish the two novels I have in progress!

    • Thanks! I’ve seen some really hilarious examples from when the comma isn’t used! As for grad school, it’s really about being organized and fitting in time to do things. I think that it’s important to schedule time for your novels so that they stay on track to be finished.

    • My anniversary is this week so I really just want to get it all done so that I can actually enjoy it! Good luck on your school work!

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