As Seen in the Restroom…

Interesting writing in the restroom stall...

Interesting writing in the restroom stall...

Yes…I really did take a pic of this while in a movie theater restroom in Toronto. No, I did not write that myself. My handwriting’s actually a bit more on the chickenscratch-y side and makes my schoolteacher grandmother shake her head sometimes while trying to read it.

Anyone else in there must have thought “Let me hurry up and get out of here” as I laughed in the stall while reading it. It did remind me that I needed to get cracking on this blog. Put some stuff out there in the interwebz.

I’ve been thinking a lot about “What do I want to say in this blog?” and finally, I’ve got an answer: It’s “whatever.” As in, whatever strikes me. Maybe art. Maybe writing. The state of the world of publishing or the world at-large. Maybe history or architecture or geek stuff or whatever gets me hyped.

Feel free to get hyped too…

Oh, and “Angels and Demons” was time in my life I can not get back now.

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