And So It Begins…

Poetry is life distilled” –Gwendolyn Brooks

That quote could probably apply to the arts in general. The creative process of trying to sum it all up in one piece as manifested through its maker. Either way, in the immortal words of Bender Bending Rodriguez: “I’m back baby!”

I took a bit of a hiatus from writing (long story) and thought, “I need a kick in the rear” to get back on track on the keyboard and bang out pages like I used to again. I’ve also got some of my art quilts out in the world on exhibition right now and I need to wield some paint and fabric and thread and get to cracking on finishing up some more.

So in the meantime you get to hear me grumble and rant and “philosophize” ever so slightly about writing, art, travel and culture, all sorts of other things and that big thing we call life.

Shall we begin?

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